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I am an open minded girl from the midwest. Teasing and Pleasing is what I do the best, although kinky is fun too. Don't be shy! I am great with horny guys who aren't too sure what to say. My horny ass is great, firm and soooo soft and my nipples get as hard as little bullets. I get so wet that I make little pussy puddles on the bed. Come on baby. I am ready for anything. Right this minute!


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Love me tender or love me rough! I can handle anything you can cum up with. I’m a sex addict and proud of it. I especially like guys who know how to use ALL of my body. GET THE TITTY FUCK OF YOUR LIFE! My tits are fabulous, so firm and ripe. I love wearing tight belly shirts so I can watch the expressions on a guys face when I walk by. The more they stare, the harder my nipples get until my melons almost explode through the shirt. You can just imagine the bounce with these triple D hooters. You can get your cock AND balls going between these luscious pair.

COME TO MY BACKYARD PLAYGROUND! You can bounce a quarter off this firm ass, or better yet, bounce your balls! Put me on my knees, grab the end of my long silky hair and ride my ass like I am a wildcat in heat. If you fuck my ass, you had better hold on tight, baby because I buck back.

PLUNGE INTO MY PUSSY! My smooth pink pussy aches for your hard dick. I get slippery when wet and can clamp on you, milking every sweet drop you have. My pussy will suck you in deeper and deeper never letting you go until you explode inside of me. I would love to sleep tonight with a pussy full of your hot juice.

LIKE LONG LUSCIOUS LEGS? As you can see, I have world class legs. I will show no mercy as I wrap them around you, making you please me. They are smooth as silk and so creamy. My toes are perfect. I have a nice high arch to my foot leading down to whore red polished toes. I am a foot lovers paradise.

LET ME BE YOUR PERSONAL COCK SUCKING SLUT! Feel my hot breath on your hard rod while I give you the lollypop lick. Or do you prefer the butterfly? That is where I flick my tongue over your dick hole so gently that it drives you mad with lust. Perhaps you want the ball banger. That is where I stuff your balls in my mouth and roll them around with my hot tongue. When you shoot, I don’t just swallow, I GUZZLE!


Want to know about me personally? First of all, I live in Canada where I live alone in a cozy little apartment. I have been saving my money because I have always wanted to travel and hope to do that soon. I have a wonderful sense of humor and am fun to be with.

Once when I complained I was lonely living by myself,, one of my girlfriends tried to give me a cat but there is only room for one pussy when I am around!


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These jugs were made for suckin' and fuckin'. Care to share? You suck one tit while I suck the other. Let me dance for you and then enjoy your own creamy milkshake!

Men who like older women. I like hard cocks and a guy that appreciates what I have to share. Prepare to get hosed down and smothered with these jugs of pleasure!


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Tired of young chicks that can only wish they knew what I do about sex? Hell, some of those silly bitches barely know their tits from their ass. Now if you wanna REAL woman with the experience to tease AND to please, then ask for me! I love to wear silk stockings and am a special treat for all you foot fetish men. My feet are precious, dainty and feminine. As you can see, I prefer to dress like the older sophisticated woman I am and not like some cheap-ass little whore. My milk jugs are huge and very sensitive! Tit play is great! Stop wasting your time with those silicone babes and go for the REAL thing! Fasten your seat belt and call me now!


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Are you ready for a fantastic time? Just imagine these big milk jugs smothering your cock. Care to give me a creamy shower? Yea, I can get real nasty, just like you want it. I am 34 years old and at the age when I intend to enjoy my body (and yours!) to the max! No stupid games. I know what you want and you know what I want. Lets be honest and just enjoy each other. I can do it all! Hard core, teasing to domination or wild and kinky!


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I am a raunchy, passionate she/male who craves a wild, wicked lover. I'll perform every trick you can imagine and a few you haven't thought of yet. After playing with my sweet pretty titties, men are often surprised to see I have 9 inches of firm meat in my jeans. THEY LOVE IT! Mutual jerk off's are fuckin' hot. Top or bottom, dom or slut - I am a ho' who never gets enough!


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Hi Everyone! My name is Lane. I am a little new to this and so I am not sure just what to say. For sex, I like panty boys and guys that like to crossdress as well as men who love to fuck sweet young girls. Older men are a special turn on too. I often strip down to my bra and panties (when I wear them) and love the feel of wet panties clinging to my pussy. It is so sexy and makes me so fucking hot. I also have beautiful legs, strong enough to wrap around you and hold you tight. That is another one of my favorite things. Lately I have been sorta experimenting with Domination and found that having a man worship my body is like awesome. So if you like my picture and want to talk to the real thing, just give me a call and I promise to make you wet too! XXXOOO Lane



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I am new to this but several of my male friends have suggested I should give the web a try. As you can tell by my pictures I am still a bit shy about putting pictures on the web. Funny though, when it comes to sex and fantasies, I am as hot and raunchy as they cum. I get so excited that I don’t give a damn about anything but you and me – and getting off! I guess I am like that saying, “Lady in the living room and whore in the bedroom.”

As you slowly undress me, let me reveal my charms. I have a curvy body with big luscious tits, full, plump and firm. My nipples are the size of cherries, sweet and hard. Roll them around on your tongue feel them pucker in your mouth. Pillow your head against these melons and nurse these big jugs. Titty fucks are a pleasure as you strain and pump between these magnificent utters. I’ll flick my pink wet tongue against the head of your cock as you thrust. You can watch it pop in and out of my mouth. I get so greedy, baby.

My ass is so pretty and tight, it can bring a man to his knees! I love ass play and can buck like a filly gone wild. Wanna ride, lover? I’ll make your balls slap and dance against my ass when you bury in my tight hole.

Special interests for special men are welcome! Love long silky hair wrapped around your rock hard dick? Look at my nails, I keep them painted a jungle red, manicured and ready to stroke you. Careful, because I can leave lovely souvenir claw marks on your back when I start thrashing around. Smoking fetishes are fun. My long red nails curl around the long cigarette as I lean back to blow delicate smoke rings. Need a firm hand? Look no further than Luscious Lois. I can make you beg for more but you will also beg me to never stop!


I am a sweet juicy Southern peach who was raised to be a good girl. That is what I am a good girl – GONE BAD. I have a part- time job at Hooters where the guys pack in when I work. Call me lover and we will BOTH have a good time.


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Hello to all your guys out there! Love a girl who loves lingerie? I am a naughty nymph who loves to play. Stocking, leg and foot lovers especially like my games. I am young, eager and soooo flexible. Guys are amazed at my big luscious nipples, creamy legs and pretty pink lips. I love showing off and am a naughty tease. I just moved to an apartment that I share with a girlfriend. My secret confession is that we have been experimenting sexually together and hope one day to find a guy that will take us both on. I love phone sex and the feeling of making a guy beg to cream all over me. Let me share your body, baby.....and I'll share mine with you!


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Ohhhh Baby! Like what you see? It's all yours if you can handle it! I'm young, fresh and tight. There's no limits! Anything you can imagine, we can do! No need to be shy with me. I really get off and will let you hear it. Into something special like Domination, or special fetish? Wanna be teased till you bust? Like to hear about me and my girlfriends together? How about a hot foot fantasy or a confession about my first gangbang? I don't just swallow, I milk it! Call me and tell me your most secret fantasy, then let me give it to you. Just call and ask for Maddie!


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I am the best of both worlds - a nasty American mind with a sweet Asian accent. Try my hot dipping sauce. Your pleasure is mine!