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Niteflirt won't let me display these two listings on their website. But you can still reach me through there and enjoy these fantasies with me right now.

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It is no accident you've found yourself on my page. You were drawn here like a moth to a flame. And now you sit here wondering if I am the one. I am. I am the perfect woman with the perfect voice and the perfect mind. Pushing my call button is the start to mind blowing orgasms and an enchantment I'm not sure you can handle...

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I must warn you, I'm addictive. My soft giggly voice will put you at ease and disarm you. I'm an addiction that will sneak up on you. But you'll figure that out soon enough when just the thought of me causes your cock to grow stiff and you begin searching for the flame day after day.

I'll be here.

I'll be here to feed your addiction and your desires. I'll be here to guide your orgasm to heights you didn't think you could reach. I'll be here to make you cum so hard you'll be left staring at the phone in disbelief when it's over.

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You're here for a reason. You have no choice. I think you're beginning to realize that now.. And there's only one thing left to do.

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